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Blowpro Textstyle Finishing Spray 5.6 oz

Blowpro Textstyle Finishing Spray 5.6 oz

• Versatile formula allows you to set textured styles in just seconds.

• Quick-dry dispense provides dramatic definition that works to not only build desired texture, but controls grease and oil buildup.

• Our brushable blend of ingredients and Lasting-flex technology with built in memory allows you to re-create your style the next day.

• Lastingflex technology includes a combination of Starch, Silica and Flexible polymers that hold memory and create ample texture with added volume to finish your style.

• The lightweight formula including truffle extract, basil flower and rooibos leaf extracts imparts a soft feel to the hair post use that is still brushable.

• The powder/polymer combination dispenses a quick-drying formula that lets you style in seconds while the starch works to absorb oil throughout.

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